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Thread: BBC Iplayer, download pkg offline?

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    zeromx Guest

    BBC Iplayer, download pkg offline?

    I was on 3.50 on my 80gb phat ps3 and downgraded to 3.41 using my Teensy2.0 and it was all successful and my bd playback works.

    Now i want to use bbc iplayer, but i cannot download it as it wants me to first connect online to get the offical pkg file for it,

    do you know anywhere i can get a offline bbc iplayer pkg?

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    severusx Guest
    Well, I'm not sure that is going to help you if the iPlayer requires you to connect to PSN to use it the same way that Netflix does.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    you don't need to be signed into PSN to use the iplayer app. Besides it's just a bookmark for the web browser, just browse to the site if you can't find the pkg

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    zeromx Guest
    Your right! you dont need PSN to use BBC Iplayer, ive been using it recently just via Internet Browser, as you mentioned above. It was more easier with the app on xmb, anyways its still better then having no access to iplayer!.

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