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    Battlefield Demo MP Bugs?!

    I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing some bugs in the multiplayer demo of battlefield bad company? So far I got with with an annoying bug that repeats like a 1 seconds sound clip over and over until I exit back to the xmb. Then there is another annoying bug that just hit me a minute ago where the game freezes for about 8 seconds and then goes back to playing.

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    No, I haven't got any problems with the demo, or found any bugs. But when I'm playing it my PS3 sound weird, and when I quit the game the PS3 restarts and beeps 3 times.

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    I've notice the same "strange" behavior when quitting the game... seems like is more prone to reset after multiplayer than single. Also noticed that if I launch the demo after playng a full game 8 out of 10 times the PS3 freezes on the level loading screen and no other option than get up and turn the power off and on.

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