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Thread: Battlefield Bad Company 2 Update help?

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    fluidpain Guest

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 Update help?

    So I am trying to find the BBC2 update. I don't have a modded ps3, so just looking for the basic update. I know your thinking just download it off the ps3 when it says it needs it, well slight problem I am currently stuck in Afghanistan and it takes a minimum of 30 hours to download this file.

    Not to bad I know just let it go and no worries right. Wrong if the internet drops while I am downloading this damn thing I get an error and have to start all over, FML. I have tried it four freaking times. Anyways can anyone help me out, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    severusx Guest
    Check this thread:

    I have not done this personally but it should work. I would recommend that you use a download manager that can pickup where it leaves off should you get disconnected.

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