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    darkrai909 Guest

    Exclamation Battlefield Bad Company 2 help?

    Hey Guys,

    I have a problem. I went to a shop and got BBC2 jailbreaked. When I put it & start the game, it gets stuck at 3% while the game data is getting installed.

    Pls help.

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    severusx Guest
    I assume you mean that you went somewhere and someone copied the game onto your PS3. What FW version are you on? Are you using a CFW or a JB dongle? What Backup Manager are you using?

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    darkrai909 Guest
    To your answer, I am on fw 3.41.I am using a JB dongle and I am using multiman 1.16


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    severusx Guest
    Are you trying to launch it using the "Select+X" method in MultiMan?

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    Goods Guest
    Might be your rip. Just ripped my copy and works flawless w/o game in drive.

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