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    roeykarou Guest
    great answer Mate! because of people who are cheating online, we get threats from sony to disconect us for life from their servers!
    we already by-pass their PSN so why also cheat on online games?!?! you want them to find you?!?

    Very Silly move the online cheating... effects the entire community...

    PLEASE STOP CHEATING ONLINE!!! play Responsible

  2. #12
    sharred Guest
    You were banned for violating the terms of service at the moment you installed custom firmware, check your emails.

  3. #13
    G Sus Guest
    i don't even play online, but usually when someone gets banned, im a little upset for them. notice how nobody even bats an eye lid when a cheater gets banned.

    ahh well, atleast now when your cheating your only cheating in one player mode.

  4. #14
    balkie070 Guest

    Banned from PSN for cheating (error 8002A231) #2

    I have learned my lesson and i won't cheat again. My topic was not completley answered and there are many people who gets banned, so a good answer would be very useful (also for non-cheaters). I have tried several things to go back on psn: i've changed my console ID and PSID (with PSIDPatch 1.6) and i have changed my MAC address (with Chaos Air Bringer). I also have my ip addres switched (ps3 on my neighbours connection) and i still get this error.

    And StanSmith i know you don't like me because i cheat but i never cheated before. I saw something at youtube about this eboot and I thought it was fun. But you are totally wright about cheaters and if you help me, i won't never cheat again.

    Please someone help me, I really want to play black ops 2, pleasee

  5. #15
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Do not ask for help anymore. You got exactly what you deserved, nobody will help you. And Sony is banning now because of people like you. Weren't you thinking about those who spent their money and bought the games? I cannot believe how selfish people can be sometimes.

  6. #16
    PS3fan35 Guest
    Well, I guess your PSN account was also banned so even if you do all those things all your trophies/paid content are lost forever. Try to make a new PSN account, and don't cheat ever again.

    Well, at least he is being sincere and upfront in admitting that he cheated. Others have done the same and look for help online claiming that they "have never been on PSN" and that Sony just banned them because they were on CFW. At least you have to give him credit for that.

  7. #17
    windrider42 Guest
    Your not banned. Your just suspended with that error: pastie.org/5364247







  8. #18
    BluRay Guest
    When an efficient way to get unbanned comes out, It will be on the first page. There is a way to get "unbanned", but It is quite limited as It will require the use of other PS3 ID, so you can still get banned while also getting that other PS3 banned. I'm sorry buddy, but you were using a CFW, just like there is always a risk of bricking your PS3 while installing It, there is also the risk of getting banned while using It, you should be aware of those risks before installing a CFW to being with.

    It's not really a surprise you got banned, you weren't just on CFW, you were also using cheats! Just like Hernaner28 said, abusing Sony good will of was probably what caused them to get back with the ban wave. My reason for not helping you isn't that thought, just keep that in mind, If there was a better way to get unbanned I would let you know.

    With that being said, I will lock this thread, please, don't make another one as It's pointless, people will give you the same answers, you knew the risk.

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