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    Xbonez Guest

    Bad PS3 USBjailbreak adapter (red) help?

    I've tried everything I could find over the last 3 hrs, and nothing is working.

    Just got a PS3 USB jailbreak adapter (red) today, I have a 3.55 (just had to play GT5 before surfin the hacks hehe) CECH 2501A. Now i've read that this is one of the slims that can be downgraded w/o bricking. went to the site, downloaded their Ps3USBJailBreak Programming Tool V1.3.0 For Windows7, installed the "3.55 spoofing for 3.41" payload.

    But no matter what i do, I can't get the Dongle to stay green and even show up on the PS3 in any way. I just flashes Red/green. And the PS3 is not affected. What the heck am I doing wrong here?

    I'm completely new to the PS3 scene, and really feel like a Newb now HELP!! heheh Thanks in advance

    P.S. As i'm in a No broadband area, i'm not at all concerned with PSN, so not worried with being banned.

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    wilpac05 Guest
    the firmware you put on your jailbreak, 3.55 spoofing for 3.41 is a jailbreak payload. you need a downgrader firmware which I assume is also on their website. I don't have usbjailbreak so I don't know if they do or not. once you've done that follow this thread


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    Xbonez Guest
    Thanks so much mate, spot on, and a quick reply to my prob.

    The rest was a cakewalk

    Take care

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    wilpac05 Guest
    your welcome, that's what these boards are for

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