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Thread: Backwards Compatible Vs Non-BC PS3 help?

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    mar789 Guest

    Backwards Compatible Vs Non-BC PS3 help?

    I've done some research and haven't really come up with much. My question is just what it states above. Now with the PS2 Classics so that any CFW PS3 can play PS2 games. What does (If anything) the 60GB hardware backwards compatible PS3 have over the slim PS3s or the non-BC PS3s. Besides being able to play original disk PS2 games.

    I figured that a BC PS3 would have more compatibility then a non-BC PS3, but I cannot find any information or even if there was backup loading of PS2 games pre dating the PS2 Classics route.

    I can either drop $500 for a never opened 60GB BC PS3, or buy a slim PS3 that is on or under 3.50 for far less.

    Thanks for any information/help.

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    ZerotakerZX Guest
    BC better cause they real PS2 procesor in them and so they've almost nothing to really emulate.

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    mar789 Guest
    What I'm really wondering is will I be able to play PS2 Isos off of MultiMan with better support, assuming that going through the PS2 Classics route is the only way to run PS2 backups on and off of MultiMan and any other loader.

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    7889loopie Guest
    if your wanting to play ps2 games go for BC as trying to emulate it i don't know if its just me but i had a ps2 emulator and tried running cod the big red one and it kept freezing and glitching on my ps3 i recommend you go with BC if you want to be able to play good ps2 games.

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