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    yalowe42 Guest

    Backups not responding to controller/wavy with screen?

    OK, so I backed up Final fantasy XII and have bean playing it with no problem. Tonight I was playing and got stuck at a hard boss fight. I turned the game off and put on Resistance fall of man. I noticed that when the game started I was stuck in prone position and no matter how many times I hit L2 or jump it would not let me stand up.

    So I tuned it off and went back to FF XIII. First thing I noticed is that the game skipped the opening movie and went strait to the start menu. I pressed x to start game and nothing happen. I quit game and started it again and this time the screen went wight but I could still hear the game music.

    I was not able to turn off the pc by the controller or by the power button on the pc. I turned it off from the back and started it back up. I then started FF XIII again. It came on and loaded my save game but then when it told me to hit x to start the game nothing happen. I quit the game and started it again and got that whit screen again. What gives? Has anyone had this problem?

    I'm using PS3 Break V1.1 with the latest firmware update. Gaia Manager and a 500 GB internal Hard drive. Can someone help me PLEASE!

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    barbnjason Guest
    Sounds like a bad controller or a stuck button. Only way to know is synch up a diffrent controller to rule that out.

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