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    Question backup TV category in XMB and all sub items help?

    Hello everyone, on my PS3 i have a TV section on my XMB with BBC IPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD and is there anyway i can back up this. maybe through FTP??

    If i need to restore my ps3 to OFW, i will lose this category on the XMB and the only way to restore it is via connect to the PSN, which means update to 3.56 which is a NO, NO.

    Any help greatly appreciated

    I have attached a picture to give you an idea what im on about!..

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    You can't really back TV category up as its part of all FWs dev_flash files. I have this on my official fw 3.41 no problem and it works fine, it seems it is down to which country your logged in user is from, for example on one of my ps3s with irish user I get RTEplayer, on another english account I get BBCiPlayer 4OD etc. Also there is the TV category entry inside xregistry.sys file too, i'm sure this must also control whether or not it shows.

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    Have tried to access "dev_hdd0\tmp\.macromedia\Flash_Player\macromedia. com\support\flashplayer\sys"
    Files in that folder are enlisted below...
    There are some folders in regards to the TV players, with setting files.

    BTW, i'm not going to give up soo easily as of yet...

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