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    large123 Guest

    Backup saved game data Mafia II help?

    I have an issue with my PS3 and Mafia II
    Ps3 Key with Gaia_V1.03.1

    Experienced the same problem as the thread here in ps3 news when youre playing Assasins Creed and exit the game the ps3 freeze on startup.

    Anyway solved this problem with "safe mode" and a reset of the system. Now i cant load my saved game data for Mafia II because it was made by another user. Does anyone have a fix for this or do i have to start all over again ?

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    shcktoa Guest
    I am afraid that you have to start all over again. However, I am pretty sure that Mafia II will work fine with Open Manager 2.1, so if you were to run it via Open Manager instead of Gaia, it should work just fine. This would allow you to keep playing on your saved game data. Hope that this helped!

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