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Thread: Backup PSN Games help?

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    Kjp993 Guest

    Backup PSN Games help?

    I'm looking to upgrade my internal HDD of my PS3. But, I want to backup my installed PSN games, (Burnout Paradise, Fat Princess etc.) most are downloaded from other users accounts so I don't want to have to re download. Note the games are already installed, I do not have the original .pkg files saved.

    Is it as simple as just connecting via FTP and copying the game files off the internal hard drive? If so where would I find all of the game files needed?

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Backup your act.dat file before removing your HDD. Then download the retail pkg from I believe that should solve your problems. OR, if you happen to do it today, just connect to PSN and redownload. If you don't want to download it again, try making a PKG with that pkg maker.

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    Kjp993 Guest
    Where is the act.dat file located on the HDD?

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    slifer1231 Guest
    its under dev_hdd0/home/<user>/exdata just back up the whole exdata folder

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    Kjp993 Guest
    Forgive the stupid question, but what does the data in the exdata folder do? What is stored there?

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