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Thread: Backup PS3 savegames on CFW help?

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    hey69 Guest

    Backup PS3 savegames on CFW help?

    hi, current PS3:

    PS3 slim originally 120 gb version PAL
    current firmware = Rogero 4.30 v2.05

    i was thinking about doing a format, system restore and copy back all my stuff on the harddrive (320gb) to i don't know, speedup ? i may have lots of unusued data in unused directory's... written left and right on the drive during the last few years.

    the games are just a matter of ftp'en over back from pc, but i want to keep my Savegames. how can i best proceed? can I FTP some directorys to pc, and FTP back after the full wipe?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Yes you can ftp your savegames/trophies or copy to external USB

    Just go to dev_hdd0:home/0000000x (where x is your username)
    It has all your savegames/trophies/exdata etc.

    Then you copy selected folders back to your PS3

    Once you copy files back, then go into Recovery, and choose Option 3

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    hey69 Guest
    thank you!

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