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    candan Guest

    Backup PS3 Harddrive CFW and OFW stuff help?

    Hi all,

    I had 3.55 kmeaw running. About a year ago, my daughter updated. Ah, can't really blame her, I should have used a spoof. You live and learn... Now I've decided to finally downgrade. In fact, I'd like to dual boot. My E3 is on route.

    Is there a way that I can backup all the cfw stuff, or remove it from the drive completely and apply it to a new drive and make that drive bootable? So i have a cfw and an ofw Drive. I'm just trying to avoid installing a ton of games and .pkg files all over again, plus saved games, etc (do I lose trophies here)


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    windrider42 Guest
    If you have another spare drive yes. What you do is use your spare drive to get to CFW. Then you will have another drive for OFW. Make sure the CFW drive is the same CFW as your old drive.

    Then once you are set up for dual boot. You can swap the two CFW drives. Then copy everything using ftp to your pc or an external drive using multiman. Load up the CFW hdd you want to continue with and then just copy back.

    I use a couple CFW disks myself on Dual boot.

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    candan Guest
    Brilliant! Thanks

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