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Thread: Backup PS3 games to USB HDD without splitting help?

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    dyceast Guest

    Backup PS3 games to USB HDD without splitting help?

    Hi there,

    Just wanting to know how do I backup games that I have backed up with Multiman to USB HDD without splitting files bigger then 4gb?

    I tried to do it to GT5, but there is a file on there that is 11GB's and multiman automatically splits the file for me... But i do not want this, as when I want to put it back onto my internal HDD after I format it, the files will be split? and not a full 11gb file again?

    Would doing it through FTP fix this? FTP the console to the PC, and direct to the USB hdd? or would that split the file over 4gb to?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    if you use multiman to copy the file back to the PS3 it will automatically merge the files again during the transfer.

    There is no way to put a file larger than 4GB on a FAT32 disk at all without splitting it and there never will be.

    Yes FTP gets around this problem but takes a very long time since alot of games have 1000's of tiny files (During FTP the number of files has a drastic effect on the time to transfer) and there's no way to zip a game then extract it once its on the PS3 (so you're only transferring one large file which would be much quicker)

    So in short just let multiman split the files lol you'll have to transfer to the internal to play them again anyway.

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    dyceast Guest
    Ahh i see, i never knew it merges them back again... So its simply just select copy to internal on the menu, and it will merge all files that were split?

    Thanks... I copied through the file manager of multiman and just copied the whole "GAMES" folder... Not through the main menu and pressing copy to external there... Would that do any difference?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    i have no idea, I've never been that awkward, I just do it the way I'm supposed to

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    dyceast Guest
    OK. thanks anyways... might delete 1 game and re-copy to internal to see if it works...


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