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Thread: Backup PS3 Discs

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    Question Backup PS3 Discs

    Hey people, i'd like to know if there's anyway to download ps3 games and brun them... As some people know you can copy game from a ps3 game disc to the ps3 hdd and other people on youtube say if you download the game to your pc and conect your ps3's hdd to your pc you can copy it.

    i understand that the game's are no longer iso files they are pkg (playstation store download package) and i know they are the demo files that you download from the playstation store network only that people in the net convert them in in to the full version...

    Ok guys hope you enjoyed the post and learned something


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    Currently you can back-up PS3 game discs using PS3 Linux, PS3 SAK or a Lite-On DH-401S PC drive, however, there is no way to play the back-ups yet.

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