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Thread: Backup manger v2 problem?

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    Roncoleman45454 Guest

    Backup manger v2 problem?

    I just modded my ps3 with the ps3key, installed backup manger, installed external drive. I can backup games with backup manger but they won't play. I try to load the game with backup manger and it goes back to the main ps3 dash. Can I get a hand with this problem?

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    Drakhen Guest
    How much space do you have left on your drive? Are you playing the games from internal or external Hard drive?

    if you are out of space on your hard drive it will appear that backup manager is making the copy of the game, but it will say something in the sort of fail on the top bar when you run out of space, and yet the game will appear as though it has been placed there but will not load,

    If you are playing from external and the file is larger then 4 gb it will not play until recently.

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    Roncoleman45454 Guest
    I got it, had to have a game in the drive.

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