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    smoggdogguk Guest

    backup manager v1.1 help?

    hi there, just wondering when the backup manager v 1.1 is due to download and will it work on firmware 3.50 ?

    also i have usbbreak dongle do i have to do any change to that,if could reply i will be grateful

    many thanks

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    SaveU Guest
    I'm guessing that backup manager 1.1 will work on whatever firmware your dongle breaks. So if your usbbreak dongle only breaks 3.41 then It doesnt matter what backup manager you use. It will only work on 3.41.

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    smoggdogguk Guest
    it works for 3.41 but how do i upgrade the dongle for 3.50 then please?

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    danielk01 Guest


    probably it will be released this week..

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    pekisuopaska Guest
    To quote from the site: "We will be releasing our new and improved Backup Manager v1.1 on the 20th of October. As well, we would like to announce that our updates for newer firmwares will be delayed a few days."

    As for if you have to do anything to the usb dongle, not sure about that, but just guessing that you wouldn't have to for the manager 1.1 . For the newer firmware support i think you might have to, but i guess it will be simple. So let's just wait

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