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Thread: Backup Manager question

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    Xyfer Guest

    Backup Manager question

    Hello, I'm planning on jailbreaking my PS3 Slim 120GB anytime soon I figure out which device I'm going to use.

    Basically, I'm planning on buying more storage for games. Now I notice that more games are more compatible with internal HDs over external HDs, I'm guessing because of the FAT limit, but wouldn't that also apply to internals? either way

    From what I've seen by doing some research, you have to insert your game in order to back it up and make a copy of it. So to get this clear, you have to have a USB device connected if you want it to save to your USB device, but if you don't have one connected it saves to internal HD?

    What about if you download a game online and put it on your external HD, can you transfer it to your internal HD? For games that aren't externally compatible, this would be needed.

    I pretty much have no clue how it works, hence why I'm asking here before I do my purchase on whether to get a bigger internal HD or external HD. I want to know if you can transfer games between internal and external back and forth, and if you can't, what is currently permitted/possible? thanks

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    EiKii Guest
    No because internal disc has another filesystem that support >4gb files, but pc cant read it for the moment. well i think you will get the option wich to use internal or external when back it up, PS3 FTP server has been released with that app you can transfer files i.e games to the internal drive therefore get >4gb file games to work.

    hopefully in the near future ps3 will read external with some other filesystem that supports files over 4gb, but for now we will have that limit, and workaround it with the PS3 FTP.

    any other questions feel free to ask.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Just get a regular 2.5' hdd storage space doesnt matter ps3 supports upto 2tb hdd.

    Get a 2.5' internal hdd bcz backingup a game takes less time on internal hdd then extrnal this homebrew will help u transfer games from internal hdd to external hdd , pc & vice versa

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