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    tanknation Guest

    Backup Manager Issue

    Fairly new @ this and still having trouble to get any game to launch even with backup manager v1 and my ti84+.

    I got gow3 on an external HDD, I load it up in BMv1 then it goes to XMB, and it doesnt show the game, just the game I have in the drive. Any help would be great just want to get it to work.

    PS3 FAT. v3.41
    Backup Manager v1
    brandonlwilson's ti84 jailbreak

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    aamir007 Guest
    Are you using a port of PSGroove or PSFreedom. If your using the original one that Brandon wrote then it doesn't let you play back up games using Backup Manager. However people have modified it so you can play back up. Use the one i have attached it includes the hermes payload so you'll be able to use Backup Manager v2 and play without having to insert the disk. The instruction are included in the readme.

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    ordimans Guest
    how can update payload on PSjailbreak ? with atmega32u2 ?

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    aamir007 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ordimans View Post
    how can update payload on PSjailbreak ? with atmega32u2 ?
    Can you open a separate help thread for that please, so in this thread it focuses on his problem and not yours and in your thread we can focus on your problem.

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