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    Backup manager help?

    hello everyone,

    i have gaia manager on my ps3. I remember that i a few weeks ago have another backup manager name i think open manager but it had the same options as gaia manager. what's the the name of it because i can only find open manager but not the good one.

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    You mean Open Manager 2.1?

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    Pretty much all the backup managers are based on Open Manager.

    IMO, the most feature packed manager is Deanrr's multiMAN (http://www.ps4news.com/forums/deanrr...an-114315.html), but I myself atm are running Gaia.

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    Most the time i tell everyone to get Gaia manager but for the past few days now i been having problems with it "games going to XMB that worked just fine before and freezing problems" so i switched to Open Manager v2.1I and so far have had no problems

    And Open Manager v2.1 was the only manager able to install the MOH game Data so that's a big plus

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