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    Backup Manager Error help?

    Okay, I've searched for about an hour and I found 20 other problems people have had with backup managers but no one has had this. After I backup a game then try to run it without a disc in the drive, I go to */app_home/PS3_GAME/, I see the game as if it would start.

    Then i try and it immediately gives me "An error occurred during the start operation. (80028F14)" I have only tested this with one game because I just jailbroke my PS3 with working Blu-ray drive Uncharted 2, Maybe I need to use an ISO splitter?

    I'm using Hermes v4b with iPod Nano 1G rockbox jailbreak, downgraded to 3.41

    Any help please?

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    Try backing it up to your internal hd0 and try again.

    instead of going to PS3_GAME put any original disc into the drive and go over that and load it, as some games require any original disc to be in the drive to work.

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    Okay, well I'll try it with one of my older games to see if I don't get an error, thanks.

    Well I tried to edit my reply but it wouldn't work....
    Yeah that was it, thanks for quick fix

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