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Thread: Backup Manager EBOOT.BIN replacing PKG EBOOT.BIN

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    FireSokar Guest
    I am interested in learning how everyone is moving their game folders on the internal around after doing all of the renaming. Is their any PSN game demo that can be downloaded by using a thumb drive? I bought a new PS3 slim used a Custom DNS of to block internet access but still have FTP. I have not used PSN yet.

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    e1ephant Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Field View Post
    BTW did you manage to try just coping the EBOOT.BIN across and replacing the PSN EBOOT.BIN as described in this tutoral.
    I haven't tried this yet, I was planning on it today with a different demo. However a storm came through here overnight and I'm pretty
    sure it killed my TV. So I'm trying to get it to just power on at the moment. I'll post later if I can get my TV to work and try this method, I can see it working and being possibly easier if done right...

    Quote Originally Posted by fldash View Post
    Would you mind uploading your package for me to take a look at?
    Sure, here you go.. Ninja Backup Manager v2:

    Remember to rename your GAMEZ folder to VIDEO or the PS3 won't find your games anymore. It should still launch but the games list will be empty.
    Quote Originally Posted by FireSokar View Post
    I am interested in learning how everyone is moving their game folders on the internal around after doing all of the renaming. Is their any PSN game demo that can be downloaded by using a thumb drive? I bought a new PS3 slim used a Custom DNS of to block internet access but still have FTP. I have not used PSN yet.
    I haven't tried yet, but I believe hex editing all GAMEZ entries to VIDEO in the eboot.bin file should cause it to backup to the VIDEO directory on the internal hd too. Instead of renaming you would have to delete the GAMEZ folder from the internal (using the ps3ftp server to make any necessary backups first.)

    Then I assume you could rip a new game internally with the new ninja backup manager and it should show up in the VIDEO folder on the internal hd. You could then also move any backups you made with the ftp server back to the internal hd in the VIDEO folder. Please note I haven't tried any of this myself as my TV's dead right now. Also, instead of the custom DNS, you might want to just setup you internet connection properly and then just disable it when necessary.

    Well I'm gonna go back to working on my TV, I'll check back later.

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    twitch Guest
    Field, I will be trying this in the morning I need some sleep. If there is anything you would like me to test for you please let me know.

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    Field Guest
    No problems twitch. Have a good sleep and all that lol Thanks.

    Nah just curious on if replacing the EBOOT.BIN still works. I can't see why not and it would be better and more hidden than the Ninja Method way. Should be getting my device on Monday all being well.

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    ribuck Guest
    Hi all,

    I've been trying to experiment with eboot.bin with a hex editor and i'm struggling. I backed up a game have called viking (as yes before anyone starts whining i do have the original), and i made a copy of the eboot.bin to open up with a hex editor.

    Following the thread, if if goto to certain offsets i should find the game id and this is where i'm stumped, but can't find a thing.

    the original game id was BLES00242, but i think backup manager changes it to LAUN12345, and i've searched the eboot.bin file top to bottom with a hex editor and i can't find the Hex or Ascii of either of the game id's.

    What am i doing wrong, what am i missing here ?


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    Field Guest
    Can't reply in full at the moment as I gotta go to work but the eboot.bin files are all different. They are kinda like exe files, so the offsets are always going to be different. You shouldn't have to edit the game eboot, but only the backup manager as that links to the directory of the backuped games. Will explain more tonight if still stuck mate.

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    subbass Guest
    Using e1ephants ninja backup, I've backed up one of my games to internal but I'm not sure where too looking via the ftp server. As a result I don't know where to ftp other backups too so they work from the ninja backup manager e1ephant uploaded.

    Or should I be using a different backup manager now (not worried about diskless at the moment).


    Sorry for double post, couldn't see an edit button.

    As is typical, found the folder a short while after posting, despite checking each folder systematically and googling like a ninja before asking. Seems I missed it in :


    However another quickie. Do the uploaded backups need to go into a BLESxxxxx (or similar folder) or can they just be uploaded in the games name folder.

    If you need the BLES/BLUS folder name, is there a somprehensive list/index anywhere, a google failed me.


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    Field Guest
    Oh was just about to post the location. FYI the NP are the apps/demo/games downloaded from the PSN store. The BLES/BCES are the blu ray game data - so game that were on the disc, which is also why to use the Ninja method as other methods had it linked to blu-ray games.

    You could edit the link so that backup could go to another location on the hard drive, but this would need to be hex edited in the EBOOT.BIN of the Backup Manager.

    The location within the EBOOT.BIN [of elephant's] is set to go to /dev_hdd0/game/NPUB90126/VIDEO. There are two links to this address within the EBOOT.BIN, so in theory you could set it to dev_hdd0/home/ILIKESONY/IMRAD - though I personally wouldn't, but the EBOOT.BIN creates the folders that you set. It's just that the amount of letters used matters. Though I'm guessing that a true hex editing guru would know how to shift the code slightly.

    In any case I don't think it matters where it goes. If it's for fear of Sony detecting large file sizes, then they could check anywhere on the HD anyway, and if they were able to do that, then they'd see the game details of the games - ie every game has an EBOOT.BIN, along with the SFO, and ICON.PNG.

    There is no hidden large files - the only way to to run them off external hard drive and keep the original PSN at the same file size, as detailed in the original Ninja Backup Method. Though I think copying across the EBOOT. BIN as explained in the first post is more hidden.

    Oh the other thing is too - if you were to put the link to dev_hdd0/home/..... the games might not load or something - I remember reading something about the booting of games/app have to be in the game section. So the backup manager cannot be installed as a Photo or Video app. I'd have to check up on this and confirm.

    The EBOOT.BIN is the exe file of the app/game.

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