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    MNCLA11 Guest

    Backup manager 720p help?

    how come it's not working with 720p output? Cause When i play International Cricket 2010 i hate switching back n forth.

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    severusx Guest
    What isn't working? Are you having trouble viewing the BuM itself or issues with the game's resolution? Please rephrase your question.

    If it's the BuM then I recommend that switch to MultiMan. It has Overscan options that will allow you to fit it to your TV. I have a 720p plasma and this works great for me.

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    MNCLA11 Guest
    Well, I have to run this back up manager in 480p, than my game requires to be played in 720p. So, I have to change it to 720p.

    Also, I am using Rogero manager on CFW Waninkoko.

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    severusx Guest
    Switch to MultiMan, it runs fine in 720p. Just adjust the Overscan to fit it to you display. You shouldn't have any issues after that.

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    MNCLA11 Guest
    what button do i press to adjust the overscan?

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