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    Surisen Guest

    Backup Manager 2 help?

    I am usin Backup Manager 2 with my HTC Wildfire, I can actually launch the Backuper Manager 2. Not completly sure it works though, since I cannot run any of my games. But I know there is known problems with the Backup Manager 2, so I figured.

    So I got two questions for you, first off, am I supposed to launch Backup Manager 2 either way or how is it? and second off, am I supposed to FTP the games to another location usin Backup Manager 2? I transfered the games to a folder named GAMEZ usin the first Backup Manager.

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    genius312 Guest
    You have to install a FTP server first. Then use FileZilla on your computer to connect to the PS3 using its IP adresse on port 21! You can copy the game in the GAMEZ folder on HDD0 or on your USB drive. Some of the game only works on Internal HD (HDD0). Then you start backup manager to play the game. Remember, you need a Legitimate game in the PS3 tray !

    I know there is a backup manager that does not need it, but it didn't work for me ! So I need to have a real game in the tray !

    Good luck !

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    The compatibility for the no-disc version is really low. I suggest only using it as a last resort. Stick to the version that requires the disc for now. The version that requires the disc does not constantly spin the disc and read from it, so if your worried about wearing out your drive, don't worry about that.

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