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    kast1 Guest

    Backup Manager


    I successfully jailbroken my ps3 with Iphone3g 3.1.2 with iphodroid. Also, I was able to run the backup manager, make a back up of my ps3 game and tested external HD, all works.

    My question is after I reboot the ps3, the two folders " apps/ps3_games and " installer folder" are gone, and the only program left is the backup manager. When i try to run the backup manager, i get an error 800 something. In order for the backup manager to work again, I have to go back and jailbreak the ps3 yet again with my iphone 3g.

    Is this how it is, to use the backup Manager on ps3, every start of the ps3 I have to be jailbreak the PS3?

    Thanks for help

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    gamesniper Guest
    Yes, you have to reuse the PS3 Jailbreak each time you boot up the PS3. Since the exploit is basically forcing your PS3 to go into Debug mode, once you power off the PS3, it'll revert to the standard (not sure what to call it) retail mode.

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    dragonsan Guest
    you have to unplug the power cord every time u turn on the ps3. its part of the method. you should reread the instructions.

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    kast1 Guest
    Thanks for the reply.

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