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Thread: Backup Games delete unnecessary files?

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    FMAranda Guest

    Backup Games delete unnecessary files?

    Hi, i'm using my internal hdd as the place for my games because i don't have an extenal hdd. Is a 80GB and it's getting full so i want to know if there is a way to shrink or maybe delete files (like languages) to free some space on it.

    I know that there is some programs that do this job, but, they all need an external hdd connected on PC and i'm using the internal.


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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    I'm always deleting additional languages after extracting the games, often you gain only a minimum of space, but sometimes there's also bigger movie files in different languages, so that be also deleting them, you can save some GB of space.

    Just make sure you don't chose german when you start the game once you deleted it

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    marc2590 Guest
    also you can delete the PS3_UPDATE folder inside of the game folder (BLESXXXXX/BLUSXXXXX)

    you can also look for any 'bonus videos' i know GOW3 had about 13 GB of bonus video i deleted. its stuff like the making of GOW3 and commentary about the game. but not all games will have them

    they were inside a folder named cinematics and were called BONUSxxxxx.m2v

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