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    Question Backing up PSN games help?

    I was wondering if there was an easy way to back up my PSN titles as pkg's? I have limited bandwidth per month and if the worst were to happen (YLOD, Sony disabling my console, hard drive death, etc...) I wouldn't have to waste the little bandwidth I get per month (5GB verizon 3g internet... bleh) re-downloading my games.

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    Not sure about doing them a pkg's, but if you have a external hdd you can use the back up function on the PS3 to back them up.

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    Hmm is that the way you get pkg files? Don't know why there is not a tutorial about it... there are psn games on the web but haven't seen mini's yet etc. is there a reason why not... Someone know the answer on this!?

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    I guess you need a copy of your lic.dat file. Then you could probably create a PKG using the USRDIR folder of your specific PSN game after FTPing over to the PC. But make sure you have the lic.dat backed up or there will be absolutely no use of backing up.

    *EDIT:- I think the file should be act.dat too

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