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    CFish Guest

    Backing up internal PS3 HDD help?

    I'm about to upgrade my internal HDD. It's a new slim model. I would like to backup the entire drive. Since the internal HDD is in NTFS format, couldn't I format a new drive in NTFS (if it isn't already) and copy every single file from the original drive to the new drive? Some of my files are over 4gb, and that involves splitting if I were to copy from NTFS to FAT32. I'd like to avoid that if possible.

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    becksterorange Guest
    You can either do it by FTPing your files from the ps3 to an NTFS drive. Or, you can get multiman and back them up to a FAT32 drive with the file manager. Multiman will split them when you take them off, then rejoin them when you put them back on. Any game with a file over 4gb will show up with a "_" before the file on a FAT32 drive.

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    severusx Guest
    The internal HD is NOT in NTFS format, it is a proprietary encrypted Sony format. You can do 2 things:

    1. Plug in a external USB Drive and copy the individual items you want to save like Game Saves, Media, Game Backups (if you are using a backup manager), etc. Note that you cannot backup trophies without syncing them to PSN.

    2. Plug in a external USB drive and use the Backup HD utility in the Settings category to make a copy of your drive. Install your new HD, then use the Restore HD utility in settings. This will take longer but will make a 1:1 copy.

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