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    Natas999 Guest

    Backing up Game Data into External HDD?

    I know you can update games now but Is it possible for me to backup/save GAME DATA into my external HDD? Will it still work normal if I delete it from my PS3 and then when I want it back, copy it from my external?

    I got them the official way and I don't want to delete them even though I need the space.

    Btw, I will be using Awesome Manager to do this. I just want to know if it will corrupt the Game Data if I move it around.

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    g0newild Guest
    If you download it from the saves folder to your computer and back, i see no chance why this should not work.

    Test it with a spare save to be sure

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    ps3slaagg Guest
    i agree with above post i have re installed several game saves and data saves using this method only problem is when you come to saving games bought from psn and you save them to external source the format ps3 hdd and then you try to re-install them if i remember corectly yoou need to save a file stored on ps3 that hold all your digital rights and purchased game codes ect... and re instaling that file enables your psn stuff to work again otherwise you need to login to psn and get new licences. i hope this has helped.

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    Natas999 Guest
    Well, I was talking about Data that get's installed into your Hard Drive that's located in the Game Data Utility section.

    Not Save Data.

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    h0bbit Guest
    Game data cannot be copied off and back without it messing up. The only way this CAN work is by using the backup method in XMB. Same goes for game saves and other data on your drive.

    I found this out the hard way.

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