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Thread: back up from internel to external hdd help?

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    terarawa Guest

    back up from internel to external hdd help?

    hi can any one help to back my game from internal to external hdd help is thier a bm need to use ?

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    modmate Guest

    Do a bit of research around the forum threads. Also have a look at the tutorial section.

    To keep it short, YES you`ll need the latest OM to do it.

    Greets Modmate

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    oust62139 Guest
    The best backup managers out right now can be found on the first page of this forum. Look under these titles- Jurai2 Open Manager PS3 Mods, drizzt84 Open Manager PS3 Mods, & deanrr Open Manager PS3 Mods.

    To help you even further, here is the page for Gaia Manager, which is my preference, but you can try the other managers to decide for yourself.

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