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Thread: AVRkey will not enter DFU?

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    DiscoBearNLD Guest

    AVRkey will not enter DFU?

    Hi all,

    I have received last week my AVRKey but it will not enter the DFU Mode. i have open the case and i have replaced the electrical tape. But it doesnt work for the dfu. It works perfectly in my ps3. i want to update it!

    Does any one know a trick to enter the dfu mode? i tried a lot of times in different usb ports.. but nothing works.. only the Red light burns up and not the blue(both)

    Sorry for my bad english

    Kind Regards,

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    n3xclusiv3z Guest
    you have to be patient! pop it in and out from your computer...until your comp detects it... as Atmega32u2... I took me a few tries myself... just keep trying... dont quit... the avrkey is just a matter of tries.

    Good luck...

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    DiscoBearNLD Guest
    thanks for your reply! i have tried a lot of hundred times but it doesn't load the DFU mode .. Windows only detected as a Generic USB Hub :S ?

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    n3xclusiv3z Guest
    seriously, i had to use my pos back up computer... for some reason it doesn't do good with x64.

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