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    PS3 Square Button [UnAnswered] AVI files do not appear in Photos folder

    AVI files are not appearing in the Photos view when I upload them from my camera flash card to the Ps3. Jpg's are fine. But, when I try to view an AVI it just doesn't appear at all? :??

    I have the latest 1.6 installed.

    Also, I was planning on buying a mini sd card and reader so I can watch AVI dramas that I download to my computer and transfer them to my mini sd card and then play them on my Ps3 but looks to me like the ps3 does not read AVI or perhaps there's a work around for now? :??

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    avi files just dont work...

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    so, what's the workaround if I want to watch avi's (xvids or divx) formated files from my mini sd card? Do I need to convert the file?

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    use ps3video9 to convert the avi's to mp4 then they will show on the ps3 xmb under movies then your card.

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