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Thread: AVCHD Disabled on PS3?

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    tommysmalls Guest

    AVCHD Disabled on PS3?

    is it possible due to $ony firmware updates avchd java would disable? if so can you recover it

    not with out the usb mod

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    DopeyJones Guest
    sony locked the java awhile ago in 1 of the firmware updates, and no there is no way of going back to unlock it once you've already updated.

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    saviour07 Guest
    i hope they bring back the idea of using java with the ps3.

    it seems a shame that they plugged it because of a couple of emulators - java on a home console just seemed like a nice idea (from a developers point of view). seeing a game you've developed being played on the ps3 (however small the game was lol) is still a good feeling

    could have lead to some java apps being made to coincide with the xmb but one can only dream *sigh* lol

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