Hello, I read this forum for long time and I make my first post... i've problem with m2ts avc bluray rip on HDD Xmb ps3. It works fine when m2ts is mpeg2 but with avc i read it's not easy to make a read correct on hdd... i'm european and have ps3 1.81 fw. For this particulary movie, on pc with vlc the screen is grey and image freezed with big pixels.... With power dvd deluxe it plays correctly !

After I tried to change m2ts ext to mp4 and trandsfer on xmb via redkawa file server... The video open with sound but the image is like with vlc on my computer... Then I tried to remux my only sound title ac3 with avc video after demux with elecard xmuxer pro... Wrong doesn't work. I tried again with remux video avc with converted ac3 on aac stereo channel with besweet... No wrong ! Arghhh I tried also nero vision recode to make avchd content playable but always crashes.

I want to keep the video like this (better quality) i don't want to convert with low quality... Anyone can help me with step by step procedure on example i upload here.

Thank's a lot...

Sorry for my bad english cause i'm french