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    Question Audio Set For Ps3.. question

    Hi everyone , just wanted to ask , if this set system would give a High Quality "Digital" Output ...

    Speakers +
    Decoder +

    that would cost me 220 $ instead of the 450 $ Logitech Z5500 (Optical Speaker Set) that's how much it's priced in my country ...

    so wiill it work well ?


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    i would prefer the z5500-system... i have the logitech 4500 or 5400 (i dont know) its a lil bit older^^
    i think the sound is really good and i would buy next time logitech-devices again.

    450 USD is a good price... its 100 USD cheaper than in germany from the logitech homepage...

    the important thing is, what do u think about the sound. u must hear hit and than u can make a decision.


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    and your model has Optical Option ?

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    jepp... but i dont know the right name of my system... i have direct (6 channel), optical and coax..

    ah... i looked on ebay... my system is the Z-5400 from logitech... its really good... search it on ebay and buy it^^

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