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Thread: Audio problem with Blu-Ray rip

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    flooby Guest

    Audio problem with Blu-Ray rip

    I've successfully ripped Eragon to my external HD, decrypted it, and split it. The only problem is that there is no English audio. It seems to only have the Dolby 5.1 audio of French, Italian, and Spanish commentary. No English, which is the Dolby 6.1 chanel.

    I used SAK to rip the disc to the hard drive. I think used Nero to mount and AnyDVD to decrypt. I then split the file into pieces to fit the hard drive. The video plays just fine in the PS3, just the audio is screwed up.


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    theflippa Guest
    Try the newest AnyDVD.

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    earrowood Guest


    you should try a different language and see if that works

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    furiaceka Guest
    I had the same problem, solved with the new version of anydvd!

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