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    [UnAnswered] Audio help with PS3

    Hi to all. I'm a newbie in this forum and a newbie with PS3. I connect my ps3 to my Samsung SM 960 HD monitor with HDMI to DVI cable. The video is perfect, but no audio. I know that is normal, then i ask to someone if can help me to choose for an digital audio dispositive or component cable. Which is better for me?

    With component cable i lost something in video quality?

    Ps. I don't want to spend a lot of for a digital audio dispositive, i want only hear sound, because this summer i'll buy a new LCD with hdmi connection.

    TNX to all.. and sorry for my bad english.

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    As far as I know HDMI carries video and audio signals so I can't see why there is no sound. Have a look in the settings and make sure audio is set to HDMI.

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    Very simply you can buy a sound card (with optical input - or a surround sound system. If you go the road of component vs. composite the audio quality is 100% the same and all you need is the a/v to 3.5mm jack converter. (I have both my suggestions, I suggest going with the first if you got a bunch of speakers lieing around)

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    check ur output settings in the sound setting make sure its on hdmi

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    dvi doesn't accept audio signal

    If you're using HDMI to DVI, I don't think you will get sound from that because DVI doesn't accept audio signal. You should try using the composite audio to get the sound if you don't have optical audio input. That is set the video to HDMI and audio to composite. Let there be sound!

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    Yeah, the main difference in HDMI vs. DVI is no audio (hence the acronym Digital VIDEO Interface). If you want the BEST sound, get an optical cable. It is far better than composite. As mentioned above, go into the System Settings and configure your audio settings for this output from the PS3.

    Also, is it just my system, or has anyone else had a problem watching movies on the PS3 and not having the sound sync up in the setup I've described above? Sometimes it's like I'm watching an old Kung-Fu flick....
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