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    lightisdark Guest

    Attaching a new blu-ray to another system help?

    Ok so i brought a 60gig off Ebay and i knew it came without a blu ray drive so i brought one as well.. But i didn't know a logic board had to come with it.. ANYWAY i asked the owner where is the original logic board that attaches to the drive.. and no answer as yet.

    My question is.. Can you just buy another bluray drive with the logic board connected on that drive and put it into the ps3 system?

    I hope that made sense

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    Apr 2005


    I haven't done this myself so not sure, however, this article may be of some help: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...ther-Consoles/

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    lightisdark Guest
    More to the point.. can i grab a 40gb blu ray drive with the logic board connected to it and place it into my 60gb and all will be fine?

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    no you can't it have to be the same 400 dvd drive

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    lightisdark Guest
    Ok i did some testing.. i swapped my good 60gb ps3 blu ray to the other 60gig ps3 system and it just didnt pick it up. I would follow your method PS3news but the firmware on the system that needs the new blu ray drive is 3.66.. any ideas?

    Do i need to get the orginal board off the guy i brought the ps3 system from and hopefullly he still has that broken blu ray drive with the board attached to the drive?

    Let me get this straight as im a Noob ill admit it:

    I got a 60gb console off ebay with no bluray drive in it.. The seller did not include the circit board from the blu ray drive.. Now does that mean if i was to buy a 60gb blu ray drive off ebay with its circut board will it not work?

    Does the Blu Ray drive "marry" it self to the systems mother board or just the circut board the blu ray drive its attached to?

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    you need to talk to the seller that you need the control board as well or you are screwed. if not ask the seller for a refund. when you send it back make sure you put tracking on it.

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