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    [Answered] Atmega32u hex file

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    hey guys, i have just ordered a micropendous2 atmega32u4 board from ebay.


    where can i find a psgroove1.1 patched hex file with backup manager? i have looked around, and whenever i find the psgroove hex file for a atmega32u4, its always for the teensy board. but the board i ordered is 8mhz instead.

    where can i find a hex file that will work with my board. thanks
    Best Answer - Posted by caesarc:

    Here you go. Don't have 1.1 yet but at least this will let you start using it.

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    maybe there hasen't been any specific made for that board and maybe the teensy one will work? i think you can change what mhz is used somewhere, ie "F_CPU = 16000000" would be 16mhz yes?

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    well yeah the teensy atmega32u4 one could work but how do i change the f_cpu to 8hz instead of 16hz? do you know how to? i'm new with all this, so i don't know what to do. but yeah i think by changing the speed to 8mhz, it would work..

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    You can change those in the makefile, but it's a pain in the... because after you need to build it etc... and that's what im tryin' to do too here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-he...ck-112605.html

    but no success yet..

    someone help.

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    yeah, i just need either someone to build a new hex file for me, or to edit the current hex file, and change the CPU to 8hz instead of 16

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    If i find out i'll help you if no one else help us in the mean time...

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    Here you go. Don't have 1.1 yet but at least this will let you start using it.
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    Last edited by caesarc; 09-10-2010 at 09:10 AM Reason: adding mirror

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    Thanks caesarc !!! good job !

    it's workin with my stick now


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