Atelier Rorona fails install at 11%. I suspect it might be because I let multiMAN edit the param.sfo. However I cannot even open the sfo in sfo editor .08 now to check, spits out unhandled exception. So, I thought if I could a proper param.sfo and see if it will work, as all files appear intact and I don't think I have a corrupt copy.

Could any kind soul upload their param.sfo from this game for me? And could it be anything else? I've tried PL3 as well as hermes, and Gaia manager as well but none of that helped. Thanks in advance.

Okay, update.

According to another website someone had issues with the JAP version and basically copied everything over to the game dir on INT after the install fail. Except the param.sfo, which seems to be of a different size. Now, the game goes straight into showing the intro screens, like Havok, etc, but then it black screens. So i'm past the install, but still no joy. WTF?! I can't be the only one trying to get this game going, but NOTHING else from google or anywhere else. So, anyone that has this game working, please:
Post your param.sfo from the orig game dir, and
post the param.sfo from the game data dir PLZ?

This is drivin me nuts trying to make this game work