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Thread: ATAVRXPLAIN PS Groove Board Help

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    Lakerfanalways Guest

    ATAVRXPLAIN PS Groove Board Help

    Hi everyone. I ordered the ATAVRXPLAIN board from yesterday and I have a few questions for those who already have this board up and running. I was reading the directions and the first few directions confuse me. I am not familiar with programming at all so taking out the pins, etc kinda scares me because I dont want to screw anything up.

    Remove the 2 jumpers from your XPLAIN board that are normally installed when you get it. Put one of the jumpers over PINS 1 + 2 (The pins circled in red on the picture) This will allow you to enter the programming mode to flash the chip.

    How am I going to know which two jumpers came with the board..when I get it, will something be sticking out that should not be there and I have to remove them??

    So what do I do, I take the two pins and I put them in 1 + 2

    Also, the directions mentions when I connect the device to my PC not to allow it to update any drivers.. I have windows 7, when I plug something in it automatically starts searching for drivers, what do I do to cancel it?

    Thanks so much!

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    0odama Guest
    Ok i got this board also its not hard "Jumpers" are basically these lil clips that lock onto 2 of the pins they can be easily removed with you just pulling them off, mine were on the bottom. You take both clip things off put one as said in the guide on pins 1+2. I have windows 7 also when you connect it, it wont really install all the way you'll go to device manager and it'll show you which driver it is and then you continue as the guide tells you.

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