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Thread: AT90USB key not recognised in PS3

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    aswilbourn Guest

    AT90USB key not recognised in PS3

    I have the AT90USBKEY (AT90USB127) and am using the flip software. I have succesfully flashed several versions of both openpsjailbreak and psgroove to the device.

    However the PS3 just does not like it! The PS3 usually comes up with the error USB device not recognised in the top corner and nothing new appears in the games section

    I have also noticed the red light NEVER goes out of the USB KEY. On all the videos on youtube the red light goes out after a few seconds of turning on the PS3 and then pressing eject.

    My PS3 is running software version 3.30...could this be causing the problems? The current version I think is 3.41.

    Any help on this would be very much appreciated as I am going slowly insane!

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    JW117 Guest
    The jailbreak is made for 3.41, you need to upgrade to that firmware.

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    aswilbourn Guest
    Cheers mate! Is it 'safe' to download 3.41 directly from Sony? Or is there a chance they may have updated 3.41 to prevent homebrew without actually telling any one? If so is there a reliable place I can download 3.41 from? I would need the European region as I am in the UK.

    Balls! Just updated to 3.41 and same problem... I'm just hoping Sony haven't sneaked a patch into the current firmware!



    Same problem with all!!! Red light stays on and PS3 says USB device not recognized!

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    EiKii Guest
    is the usbkey defect? or arent you fast enough pressing eject? hehe

    you think they might have made some patching to 3.41? but imo the ps3 shouldn't accept the same version its on, allthough you were on 3.30

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    aswilbourn Guest
    Finally sorted it!

    I have the old style fat PS3 and all the tutorials state to turn it on and off using the switch at the back b4 hand. However on one try I fully unplugged it and then plugged it back in and it worked a charm!

    So if anyone else has the same problem instead of just using the on off switch at the back, fully unplug it!

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    EiKii Guest
    hehe well tbh i was going to ask but i didnt want to make u look stupid lol no offence man ^^ yea they stated it in all the videos showing how it works good thing you sorted it, atleast no stealth move from sony yet i have the latest update on a stick just to be sure

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