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    bacazouta Guest

    Confused Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Riots PS3 not loading help?

    Hi dears, problem with assassin's creed IV black flag Riots not loading on PS3

    I am using Rebug 4.46 CEX and multiman 4.50

    need some help and advice please


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    misiozol Guest
    Loads like a charm discless on rebug 4.46.1rex, dump game again.

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    misiozol Guest
    You know search doesn't hurt don't be lazy answer is on same page, but just 4 you


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    vtinoc Guest
    Had same problem too your gonna have to re dump your game. By re dump I'm talking re download your game

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    bacazouta Guest
    Hi man, Thanks for this topics, i have some problems with assassin's creed IV blag flag , it doesn't load and come back to xmb. i am using rebug 4.46 , multiman 4.5 does this solution work for my case?

    thanks for help and advice

    finally i found the issue for rebug 4.46
    • no need to replace eboot, param.sfo ...
    • i just created a new folder USRDIR/ASSASSIN_ISO
    • activated BD mirror and internal (If the game is in the hard disk) in multiman and that's all falks worked perfectly

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    Ps3ismypassion Guest

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    Thnx, bacazouta, it really worked and once again thnx for your advice

    You can replace the eboot and param OR you can make a folder ASSASSIN_ISO

    Switch on Binder or BD Mirror

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