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Thread: Assassins Creed III PS3 Game help?

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    dimi11 Guest

    Assassins Creed III PS3 Game help?

    Heloo gentlemans.. My console ps3 is on 3.55cfw... i download Assassins Creed III ps3 game version from duplex, and Assassins.Creed.III.Eboot.Patch.PS3- from DUPLEX... Transfer the game to ps3 patch eboot and the game don't want to start.

    Whats the problem? This crush of game is possible to be because i have old multiman? [my multiman v.1.15] If this is problem please safe link to new version of multiman and when i install updates of multiman did the game erase or not?

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    Here are the current multiMAN version links in both Base and Full:

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    orive Guest
    I have a old multiman version too and I can play it. Maybe you don't have ASSASSINS_ISO folder.

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    dimi11 Guest
    Help me... where to find ASSASSINS_ISO folder, and where upload them on which folder...

    In one word how to fix this, explain me.. Thanks

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    nenele84 Guest
    you must create it in USRDIR, it is empty and bd mirror in Multiman, or select + x.

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    pauliux963 Guest
    Create an empty ASSASIN_ISO folder in USRDIR. Then it should work.

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    dimi11 Guest
    Thanks gentlemans the problem is resolved....

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