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Thread: Assassins Creed 3 incredibly slow to load help?

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    mrfunkyjunkie Guest

    Assassins Creed 3 incredibly slow to load help?

    ok, so I'm relatively new to owning a ps3 - but have been amongst the psp scene since the beginning so alot of this isnt necessarily new.

    Im running 3.55.2 rebug (upgraded from 2.85 > dongle 3.55 > 3.55.2 rebug) and the latest multiman (4.11.11)

    So using the duplex release - and 'a fix' I was able to get AC3 loading promptly a few days ago, but after updating multiman the .ISO I made started throwing errors, so I trashed that along with my local data and re-uploaded AC3 via ftp, since then - trying all manner of combinations of settings in multiman (bd-mirror/internal/external/usb patch etc) Im unable to get this game booting promptly again.

    Anyone able to suggest what my problem might be? and more importantly - how to fix it again. (i have no idea why it wont load at normal speed now)

    - this is not due to the missing ASSASSIN_ISO folder, that is there and the game loads fine (albeit very slowly)

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    G Sus Guest
    i've no idea whats causing it, but it also does it for me on rebug 4.21 rex, and on rogero 4.30 i'm assuming its just one of those games.

    its only slow to first boot up, and its okey after that. its just the initial booting of the game sometimes appears like its black screened. but it hasn't.

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    mrfunkyjunkie Guest
    mine doesnt appear to have blackscreened - it go's in just fine, its the initial loading with the AC logo and progress bar down the bottom that takes forever (10-15mins literally)

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    G Sus Guest
    ouch , that really sucks. at least i only get 3 mins of black screen.

    you could always update to 4.21 rex and go for 3 mins of black screen instead lol

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