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    Sep 2010
    You sure got Hermes 4B ?? Have you tried to start through disc symbol with also the disc in the drive?

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    Oct 2010
    yes I am. From the disc won't start either. it sucks...

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    i have both assassins creeds working, #2 is the duplex release & have no probs playing.

    Hermes v4b with OM 1.16, works with or without a disc in drive stored on external HDD.

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    What hex do you use ? I suggest Hermes 4b as Modmate told...

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    Anyone has figured out something on how to get the GSXR release working?

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    the GSXR release is for ac1 yes? it says its currently not working on every tracker i've looked... the duplex version for ac2 works fine though...

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    Mar 2010
    try deleting the game data, you might have a permissions issue

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    Oct 2010
    I own AC1 and no matter what I tried I wasn't able to play it from the internal or external HDD after I backup it, EVEN with the original game in the drive.

    I own AC2, too, but tried downloading it and it works.. AC3 works too.

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    Extra Folder

    Does the game boot and then go back to the xmb? if so i had this problem and i read that if you make a folder as below:


    and leave it blank the game now works for me,

    I hope this solves your problem,


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    Sep 2010
    I have tried everything in this thread. Getting AC 1 (BLES00158) to work is impossible.

    I made some progress by adding the ASSASSIN_ISO folder, but this only produces a black screen/freeze instead of a boot back to xmb.


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