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    Assasins Creed Help

    Every Time I Play Assassin's Creed , It Gets Stuck After Some Time... The PS3 Hangs Up... And When I Switch Off , It Beeps Twice And The Power LED Flashes...

    What Should I Do ?

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    What firmware version do you have, and could this be an overheating issue?

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    So your saying that your PS3 locks up when your playing Assasin Creed. Are there any bad scratches? Are there any defects in the disc that are noticable?

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    At least EU version had pretty regular jamming/crashing until patch 1.10 came along. Symptoms were freezing and or only to be able to move camera around and resetting without cold-boot was not possible.

    1.10 fixed those for me - PS3 firmware was around 2.01 if I recall right.

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    My version is 3.30 and no there aren't any scratches, it also doesn't get overheated but it does get quite warm and the fan makes quite a bit of noise... also my ps3 is somewhere from asia.

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    the same thing happend with me on another system.. with hitman 3.

    if its not your system (does it do it with any other game?) then try using a different assassins creed. go to blockbuster and see if its just the disc you have.

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    delete your game data and make sure you are logged out of PSN when playing..
    it should work fine.

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    same thing, but only when I put my ps3 vertically... try to put ps3 horizontally.

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    1) I live in India and there are no Blockbusters here... I Barely managed to get the game itself

    2) I have not connected it to PSN because i didn't want to update it further

    3) My PS3 Is Vertical and i'll try giving the Horizontal a try

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    Maybe Your console is overheating ? It's common, that the console overheat and does something strange.

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