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    Planeflake Guest

    Assasins Creed 2 and Time Crisis Razing Storm problems?

    Hi guys,

    I have a ps3 on 3.41 running a psbreak 1.1 i have got most games to work using gaia manager 1.03 but everytime i try and run assasins creed it just returns to the XMB after 5-10 seconds of black screen any ideas?

    The only other game i am having trouble with is Time Crisis Razing Storm it displays the move setup screens and then errors out with error code 80010019 and says error during startup operation.

    Im sorry for writing both problems in one post was just unsure if they are linked.

    Games I have working are:

    God of war 3
    Final Fantasy XIII
    White Knight Chronicles
    Castlevania Lords Of Shadow

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    clouduzz Guest
    Okay not sure about AC2 but I know for a fact Time Crisis Razing Storm works. I got a scene release. USA version and you have to edit the PARAM.SFO 3.41 > 3.42.

    I use Hermes V4b and Cover Manager in patched mode and works flawlessly from the internal hard drive.

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    Planeflake Guest
    Thanks for the fast response. a bit of a beginners question i'm afraid.. how do you tell what version of hermes you have installed?

    I believe i have the same release of Razing Storm that you do does the game require the playstation move items to start the game or should it work with just a standard ps3 gamepad? Thanks in advance again for any help.

    EDIT: Btw the version of the game i got has the param.sfo file already patched and i have checked this with SFO-Edit.

    I have now updated my ps3 break to the latest hex file and time crisis is working ok thanks for the help, i didn't understand that the hermes update had to be applied to the usb pen once i understood that it became quite a lot easier hehe.

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