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Thread: Armored Core PS3 BLJM-55005 on 3.41 help?

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    FAK Guest
    It has nothing to do with multiman, the game boots fine but it freeze later. It can't be moved on an external drive cause it has +4gb files.(unless he got a ntfs partition on his external drive)

    try this its a 3.55 fix so i don't know if it works for 3.41.

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    malequen Guest
    thx fak, i'll try it first with 3.41. if it wont work then i'll try with 3.55.

    i don't understand how to use this.. it says to copy to "hdd0\ANX\ACFA\USRDIR" but i can't find that directory. any help??

    i found inside package which i installed is eboot.bin. and i copied to my acfa dir where eboot.bin is located. but its doesn't work, i can't even load the game.

    my acfa is bljm55005 and this fix for bles00370.

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    FAK Guest
    try to copy the content of your bljm.....\....\USRDIR folder to the bles00370\ps3_game\usrdir folder, it should work with your version too.

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    malequen Guest
    i'm sorry FAK, but this isn't working too. the game won't boot.

    thanks for your help.

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