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    Anything wrong with sharing a PS3?

    Is it OK to leave a PS3 in a recreation area of a company for employees to play? Company owns the PS3 hardware. An employee with a PSN Plus account volunteered to setup his account on it to install playable demos and other downloaded stuff for co-workers to play.

    Is the volunteer jeopardizing his PSN account in any way (if PSN password is not remembered/saved on that PS3) by others who may use that PS3? And does this setup violate any PS3/PSN/Game etc. agreement?


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    Yes, it's illegal. You need to contact Sony and receive a PS3 test. Reason because they exists. For public purpose. A company is not a private user. And much more, you must remove that account immediately, and all software downloaded using it. This is illegal too.

    And yes, his account can be stolen by anyone in your company, jeopardizing his personal data / card associated.

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